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Web design refers to the process of planning, conceptualizing, and arranging content intended for the Internet. It usually focuses more on user experience aspects on website development rather than software development. Modern design of website goes beyond how things look(appearance) to include how things work (functionality).

There are several web design elements which need to be considered to make design look good such as written content, fonts, colours, layout, shapes, spacing, images and icons, videos etc.

There are some function elements as well which need to be considered to make website functionable well such as navigation, speed, animations, user interactions, site structure, Cross-browser & cross-device compatibility etc.

Types of Website Design

There are two types of website: adaptive website and responsive website.

Adaptive Website

Adaptive website makes use of two or more versions of a website that are customised for different device’s screen sizes and it is based on device type and browser width.

In device type, website takes the help of “user-agent” that lets the server know about the types of device, attempting to view the page. In this way, site know what version to display on device out of “desktop version” and “mobile version”.

In browser width, the site makes use of media queries and breakpoints in stead of “user-agent” to switch versions. Here, in browser width, you would have 1080px, 768px, and 480px width versions. It offers more flexibility for designing as well as “responsive” look when you change the size of your browser on a large screen like laptops, desktops or any other devices having big sizes.

Responsive Website

Responsive website is the site that uses a combination of flexible grids with breakpoints to create a custom look for every screen size. Responsive websites constantly change according to the screen size to provide a great experience at every screen size regardless of the device type. But it requires extensive design as well as testing to insure quality.

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